Grow Your Confidence!

Put A Smile On Your Child’s Face

At Buttonwood Music School we believe that meaningful experiences are important. We offer piano & voice lessons that spark your child’s imagination and help them feel good about themselves.

Our hope for your child: to grow as a person

Melissa encourages your child to take a break from autopilot and be intentional with their musical playing. She guides your child to learn how they can overcome problem areas, and self reflect on what was great in their performances. Your child will also explore with Melissa the imagery and moods they can inspire through music. Melissa loves celebrating your child’s accomplishments and watching them become more confident.

Melissa loves learning about your kid’s interests and experiences to create a friendly learning environment that is focused on them. Every piano & voice lesson is personalized to your child’s needs and learning styles. 

Melissa’s hope for your child is for them to grow not only as a musician, but a person too.

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